Kobe sightseeing place

 Enjoy  Internationally famous "melt-in-your-mouth" marbled Kobe Beef !



We will have lunch at one of the most popular Kobe Beef restaurants,

where we’ll enjoy the internationally famous, tender Kobe Beef  and a Teppanyaki performance by the chef.


Before lunch we will go on a walking tour of the Kitano area of Kobe City. We will begin our tour at Ikuta Shrine, a shrine with

over 1800 years of history and it is the oldest shrine in Kobe.

We will have time to enjoy the peaceful sanctuary that exists  in the ancient grove behind the shrine. 


From Ikuta Shrine will then take a short walk to historical Kitano where we will see the impact of the many different cultures in Kobe

reflected in the architecture of  historical homes and religious places of worship. 


Kitano has a lot of different religious buildings where international residents and visitors go to pray.  

 For almost 150 years, these residents from many different nationalities and religions have lived happily and peacefully together .  

I think this is worth seeing now in this complex age.


Next, we will take a break in Kitano Square, a popular place near Kobe's landmark Weathercock House a traditional western house,

where we can enjoy beautiful panoramic views over Kobe and the harbor.


Finally on our way to our Kobe Beef lunch there is an opportunity to do some gift shopping and sample the sweets and sake (Japanese traditional alcoholic beverage) that Kobe is famous for. 


For information about Genuine Kobe Beef  please click on this link to the Kobe Beef Gallery



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