Enjoy the internationally famous "melt-in-your-mouth" marbled Kobe Beef in Kobe town!



For this experience, we will begin at Ikuta Shrine, the oldest shrine in Kobe.

We’ll do a small meditation at a sanctuary grove in the morning fresh air. 



Then go into the town of Kitano, and see a lot of different cultures and religious buildings.

(When closed, we’ll visit only the outside.) 


Kitano has a lot of different religious buildings

—including a mosque, a synagogue, catholic, baptist,

and eastern orthodox churches, and Indian and Buddhist temples—

where the international residents go to pray in their daily lives. 


For almost 150 years, these residents have lived happily

and peacefully together with different nationalities and religions, like one ethnic people.

I think that's worth seeing now in this complex age.


I’ll also take you to Kitano Square, a famous place near an antique western house, where we’ll enjoy the popular and beautiful panoramic views. We’ll also do some shopping and sample the sweets and sake that Kobe is famous for. 


Afterwards, I’ll take you to the most popular Kobe beef restaurant,

where we’ll enjoy an internationally famous tender steak and a live performance by the chef.