Kobe tour review
Arigatou, everyone💕


Shioya is a hidden gem!


Sumile and her wonderful town of Shioya! What a great experience. Truly a gem.. her hospitality and also of the town people we met are genuine and we saw a different side to Japan beyond the high rise, the shopping and the countless entertainment. Shioya is is a must visit! We had a great time in spite of the heat. Thank you very much Sumile! (from Tripadvisor)



Shioya - experience how the locals live


A great experience with a local. Sumile is a lovely lady (former international tour guide), who has very good english. Shioya is a charming village, lovely to see how the locals live, we visited the Temple, barber shop, the grocers, fish shop and she introduced us to some real local characters e.g.;tofu seller. Also we savored some delicious local snacks. We were able to ask her about how the people live, cost of living etc.
We had a fun couple of hours, thanks Sumile.  (fromTripadvisor)



time with Sumile and her friends in Shioya


Strolling around the waterfront and along the backstreets of this lovely town and meeting local business people is an experience we won’t forget. Sumile provided much more than a walking tour. We met Sumile’s friend Kazue who was also so interesting to talk to. But the highlight was the trip to visit the local barber shop. I won’t say too much about this as it would spoil the fun! I am so happy to have taken this tour.  (from Tripadvisor)


 The best of all the tours!


We thought this experience was the best of all the tours we took in Japan. Smile was very personable. She showed us her community, introduced us to the store owners where she shops. All the shop keepers were friendly and interesting. I just wish I would have taken more pictures while we were with Smile. Her hometown was unique because it hasn't changed much in years. The war didn't do much damage to this little fishing port. This area is away from the big town atmosphere of Kobe and was just what we wanted to see but didn't know it. We are so glad to have picked this tour. It brings you closer to the good people of this area and to their quaint shops. Smile took us to a grocery store and pointed out items I wanted to try and can only be bought in Japan. If you want to see what a small community in Japan is like, this tour is for you.  (from Tripadvisor)