Have fun talking with local people in a super smiley environment! 



Shioya is a quaint peaceful fishing village nestled in a valley.

It takes about 15 minutes from Kobe, 40 mins from Osaka and 70 mins from Kyoto by JR train.



First, let’s go to the harbor. Enjoy a photogenic view of Mt Rokko, Awaji island, the Pearl bridge, even Kansai airport across the sea on a sunny day. 


You can taste and buy Nori (seaweed) from local fishing family. 



Then through the tunnel, we’ll go into SHIOYA town.

I’d like you to know about real Japanese daily life by walking through a temple, a shrine, a cemetery, etc. 


Also, I want to share my local vision with you, visiting a barber shop which has more than 100 years of history,

a tatami factory, and our beautiful heritage Guggenheim house, and others when they are open. 



While walking, let’s enjoy various local snacks & drinks and communication with friendly local people.