Kobe private tour luxuary

Take a customized private tour with a friendly guide and discover the real Kobe.

You will meet local people, visit traditional sites, take in natural scenery,

and enjoy delicious genuine Japanese cuisine, including world famous Kobe Beef.


Hi there, I'm Sumile and l LOVE my hometown Kobe and
I'd like to share my passion and knowledge of  Kobe with you.


 My wish for you is that your Kobe tour  becomes the highlight of your trip to Japan and you will take home wonderful memories of this fantastic city, it's people; history; culture, and food.


I am able to offer flexibility,  arrange itineraries, all for  a reasonable price for you and your group.


I am looking forward to seeing you soon in Kobe!


Contact me today and lets discuss your tour. 

Half Day Private Tour - 3 to 4 Hours

(Mornings or Afternoons)


Half Day Private Tour Rates

1 to 5 People $250 USD

6 People $300 USD

7 People  $350 USD

8 People $400 USD

9 People $450 USD

10 People $500 USD


One Day Private Tour - 5 to 8 Hours


One Day Private Tour Rates 

1 to 5 People $450 USD

6 People $500 USD

7 People  $550 USD

8 People $600 USD

9 People $650 USD

10 People $700 USD


※ I will meet you at a location that is convenient for you in Kobe 

Additional fees such as transportation, entry fees, or meals are not included

in the private tour tour rates so please pay at the site. 

 ※All fees include tax.